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24.02.2014, 09:00


how long ago became multiakkaunting allowed in hockey and football? a reference can be?


24.02.2014, 15:32

if you have a lot or a lot of teams, you become easier to win the World Cup. can be provided with the necessary resources needed by other teams. Is it fair?


25.02.2014, 13:59

Since I have been playing managergames it was allowed to have more than 1 team...

Don't know if there is any official statement on this issue. But you can look in the old bigpoint-forum :



25.02.2014, 18:03

It's not just about how to have a few teams. is a common phenomenon. talking about the fact that among their teams to help others. for example require a lot of virtual currencу for wc and victories in the strongest leagues.


01.03.2014, 13:24

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It is not forbidden to have more than one team. And all your teams can take part on the WC.


24.03.2014, 19:45


have not prohibited. and never like was not prohibited. As far as I know. to help one of its teams from other also not prohibited?? Hint: look at any evening on the transfer market (in which players are sold as a virtual currency). not difficult to understand that the majority of teams buying (reselling) players in this market belong to only one manager. not difficult to guess what. Resale these players need to pump virtual currency with teams of donor team needs it. as already said, the fight world cup is expensive. so the manager has one or more teams (talking about hockey) is a significant advantage in the struggle with other managers. I read such actions dishonest. that's called multiakkaunting. it is this foul play Allows the manager of the season to motivate their teams and dozens of constantly be World Cup winners.

forward reaction administration.


24.03.2014, 19:48

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30.03.2014, 15:50

"модераторы" с "администраторами" как обычно пропали?


02.04.2014, 12:49

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